Old East Village lies just east of downtown London, Ontario. It is bordered to the north by the CP rail yard at Central Ave, to the west by Adelaide Street, to the south by the CN rail lines at York St and to the east by Ashland Ave on the north side of Dundas St. and the CN/CP feeder lines at Kelloggs on the south side of Dundas St. The Old East Village Community Association (OEVCA) was formed in January of 2003.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Requesting volunteers to help organize an Old East Village Block Party

Dear neighbours,

We would like to propose an Old East Village Block Party to take place sometime during the summer of 2011. The main purpose of the block party would be to bring neighbourhood members together for a day of family fun and community building. The day would be a celebration of the great people and community that has been built over the past decade in OEV and be a catalyst for the further development of neighbourhood safety and solidarity.

We would like to ask anybody who is interested in planning such an event to contact Mike Courey (mcourey[at] We will need volunteers to help with: organizing children’s activities, music, food arrangements, activities for adults, an arts and culture show, and whatever other ideas people may have to offer. The vision would be to invite people from our community with special talents to perform and share their gifts with us.

If you are not able to volunteer but would like to offer some ideas about what might be a good activity or event at an OEV block party we encourage you to email your ideas to Mike Courey (mcourey[at]

We look forward to hearing from you and will set up a time to have an organizing meeting by mid-March. At that time we will divide up the responsibilities and develop a game plan for how to make this happen.

All the best,
Mike Courey
857 Princess Ave