Old East Village lies just east of downtown London, Ontario. It is bordered to the north by the CP rail yard at Central Ave, to the west by Adelaide Street, to the south by the CN rail lines at York St and to the east by Ashland Ave on the north side of Dundas St. and the CN/CP feeder lines at Kelloggs on the south side of Dundas St. The Old East Village Community Association (OEVCA) was formed in January of 2003.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Old East Village lies just to the east of downtown London, Ontario. It is bounded on the west by Adelaide Street and on the south by King Street; the railway tracks define its eastern and northern boundaries.

The Old East Village Community Association (OEVCA) was formed in January of 2003. We remember it was a stormy winter evening ~ but warm inside.

Our vision:
…is to aid and empower residents of our neighbourhood through advocacy, education and community involvement in order to establish a positive and healthy relationship with each other and with our city.

Our purpose:
…is to promote, facilitate, co-ordinate, support or undertake activities that will enhance the quality of life and the local environment of Old East Village including but not limited to the following:

1. to bring residents together through social activities, educational opportunities and structured OEVCA committees and meetings so that the members of the community can build strong and enduring ties with one another.

2. to maintain the residential and heritage character of Old East Village.

3. to provide a vehicle for public participation in the preservation and enhancement of those unique qualities that have come to characterize Old East Village.

4. to work towards the creation of an Old East Village Neighbourhood Plan, a vision document that will identify and prioritize the needs of the neighbourhood and, through public participation, develop an Action Plan to meet these needs.

5. to advocate on behalf of the neighbourhood with the City of London for effective and timely bylaw enforcement and building standard monitoring processes.

6. to act without partisanship in the best interests of our community.